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“Loving the Bad Man”

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“Elections show women are more honest?”

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1. THE HEADLINE ITEM: In the on-going drama that is the Gulf Oil Spill, we’re getting some answers from the President. He’s been too busy to make a call? And after two days of my badgering him, it appears he explained why. Matt Lauer says it is a less than satisfying answer… What do you say? Disagree with me here: 866.348.7884.

2. THE PRACTICAL DILEMMA: According to Dick Morris on Fox News this morning, the primary elections last night that saw hoards of women secure nominations for the fall general election, for a specific reason. Women are perceived to be more HONEST than men. Hmmm. 866.348.7884.

A pauper does not ask out of any reason other than the completely hopeless and painful condition of his poverty. He is not ashamed to beg— blessed are the paupers in spirit”
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“Obama MUST Decide: Wag which dog?


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1. Man talk about being in it up to his neck! Should Obama use the Oil Spill tragedy as a way to distract the American people from his crook-in-chief Rahm Emmanuel (and others) who were out there breaking election laws in Pennsylvania and Colorado? Or should he use the Crook-In-Chief Rahm Emmanuel (and others) who are out there breaking election laws in Pennsylvania and Colorado story to distract the American people from the greatest eco-tragedy in history that he’s had such a horrible way of responding to? Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

2. Man gets “probation” when he should’ve gotten “castration.” Yes we know that female teachers have been doing the same to boys for the past several years. But it is always worse when a male does it to a girl student… at least so says KMC. Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

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“White House Memo DOES NOT rule out ‘JOB’ offer!”


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1. The argument around Joe Sestak, the Obama White House, and the Pennsylvania Senate race took a turn towards… MORE questions being raised yesterday when the White House released their “official” explanation. As a result the American people have a lingering feeling that we are being played. Do YOU feel the full truth has been told? Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

2. It has been 40 days since the beginning of what is now the worst ecological disaster in human history – the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. We will hear from a Democratic Congressman who says everything he loves is lost. We will let you in on the new XtreMEDIA project “The Will to Drill” and of course we will take your calls. Has the federal government’s response–in your mind, from your heart–been sufficient for the challenge this has left the citizens of the gulf coast to deal with? Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

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“Obama’s 27 Good Things!”


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1.President Obama is getting something right, 27 things actually. He’s given the authorization for 27 waivers of exemption to oil and gas companies for further drilling… SINCE the April 20th oil spill. I’m on his side on this one… even though none of his supporters are. Disagree with me here: 866.348.7884.

2. THE PRACTICAL DILEMMA: She’s breaking the law, she’s being called a kook, yet the safety of her children is her biggest overriding concern. Kidnapping library books and paying the fines to keep her kids away from stuff she feels shouldn’t be there. Your calls will drive the show and if you disagree with me you always get to go to the front of the line: 866.348.7884.

3. Plus an Early Morning God Thought will start us off…

If you hesitate when God tells you to do something, you are being careless, spurning the grace in which you stand. Take the initiative yourself, make a decision of your will right now, and make it impossible to go back.

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