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Is Manti Te’o a victim or participant in the hoax?

Kevin McCullough and Jehmu Greene weigh in on the Notre Dame star Manti Te’o elaborate ‘girlfriend’ hoax


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    Kevin McCullough on Fox News & Stephen Baldwin on Fox News Radio

Kevin McCullough on Fox News & Stephen Baldwin on Fox News Radio

Kevin McCullough and Stephen Baldwin make duo appearances of Fox News, one on television and the other on radio!

Kevin McCullough joins the panel on Fox News with host Megyn Kelly on Wednesday after the 2nd Presidential debate to discuss moderator Candy Crowley’s performance. 10.17.12

Actor Stephen Baldwin and executive producer Thomas Conigliaro sit down with Brian Kilmeade to discuss their new film, ‘Loving the Bad Man.’ On Fox News Radio. 10.16.12

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Baldwin / McCullough *LIVE* MAKES THE TOP 100 IN THE USA!

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“Obama’s Funny Job Math”
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1. Do this math equation for me x – 114,000 + 67,000 = ??? According to President Obama it equals 67,000. Are we sure we want him in charge of creating the economic policies, ones that he claims are headed towards growth? For the summer the O-conomy lost 238,000 jobs. At the current rate his job numbers will be -270,000. By year’s end and then he raises taxes more than ever will have been in our nation’s history. Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

2.  New York City, Long Island, Hurricane Earl was supposed to waylay the entire east coast. And yet it blew through with winds barely 30 miles per hour. Stephen Baldwin thinks that if it had hit with vengeance, people would be eager to curse God and blame divine providence for the mess of the aftermath. But are they equally willing to give divine providence credit for the most beautiful weather of the entire year today? Why do you think they do or don’t? Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

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“Obama’s VIEW!”
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1. THE HEADLINE ITEM: Hey guess who the President blames in the firing of Ms. Sherrod? It’s not who he should. In fact it’s not even accurate. Plus the President on the View. Thoughts? Disagree with me here: 866.348.7884.

2. THE PRACTICAL DILEMMA: Should naming a child, ever be decided by one parent settling for the choice of the other, especially if the other parent truly despises the name? In the McCullough home, I got final dibbs on the boys, the Lovely Bride has final say on the girls. But we still would not do something the other one truly hated. 866.348.7884

“And this is how that suffering happens— if we love someone, but do not love God, we demand total perfection and righteousness from that person, and when we do not get it we become cruel and vindictive; yet we are demanding of a human being something which he or she cannot possibly give.”
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Why Sexting shouldn’t be banned…

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SPECIAL GUESTS JOINING US TONIGHT: Ryan Dobson & Patricia Phillips

1. A state has decided to get very aggressive about the issue of “sexting” amongst high school students. But have they gone too far? Should the school have the power to enforce “sexting” rules off campus in non-school hours? In the past Kevin has gone so far as to argue that the school should have the right to confiscate phones during school hours. But even suspending kids the following fall for sexting during the summer? Whose kids are they? Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

2. A selection of U.S. Senators are in favor, and are drafting legislation to give President Obama a switch by which he would be empowered with ability to “turn off the internet.” Sponsors of the bill believe it’s necessary under certain conditions. The main issue to be determined or that should be answered is whether or not this President has proven himself trustworthy enough to be given such power. Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

“Obama, ‘America is UnAmerican?'”
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1. Today at West Point President Obama proclaimed, “America has not succeeded by stepping outside the currents of international cooperation,” he said. “We have succeeded by steering those currents in the direction of liberty and justice — so nations thrive by meeting their responsibilities, and face consequences when they don’t.” The Washington Post seems to think that this stands in contrast to what America was for the past 10 years. Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

2.  And follow the logic here: At the tax-payer’s expense, students who attend college and high school are complaining that the local government ISN’T providing THEM with high-enough-quality condoms. The mentality is, “why not get the kids what they want?” I mean government should be giving away the condoms to students (some of whom are minors) to begin with… right? This makes total sense… doesn’t it? 800.345.9622

“AG Holder, “Read what?”
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1. Attorney General Eric Holder claimed multiple times that the Arizona immigration law will lead to racial profiling. His assertions were repeated on media outlet after media outlet. Then late this week he admits he hasn’t read the bill. He has threatened legal action against what most experts are now describing as a “constitutionally sound” piece of legislation. Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

2. A young girl who worked as a stripper in a neighboring town, and had told her mom that she wanted to become a “Coyote” and learn to smuggle people into the country, is someone most people would feel had significant problems in her life right? Thus not really any huge surprise if she ends up beaten to death on a nameless road in Mexico. But if so, then explain to me how she ends up being prom queen, beloved fellow student, and aspiring graduate. How one develops a double life, and more importantly how do you set someone free from one? 800.345.9622

05.01.10-SBKMC Radio:
“Why Obama LOVES the Arizona Law!”
1. Obama is choosing to keep his date with his beloved Correspondents and inviting the likes of Alec Baldwin and other Celebrities to mix, mingle, wine, dine, and avoid any and all reference to certain tabloid stories… But something Stephen desperately wants to know is, “Who cares what celebrities think of the President anyway… or something?” Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

2. If President Obama didn’t want local states to take immigration matters into their own hands, why did he allow things to deteriorate so badly along the southern border? Kevin says, “He DID want states to pass laws like the one in Arizona, giving him the chance to play the race card.” Parting question: How many of those defiant rallies took place in Phoenix today? Disagree and go to the first of the line… 800.345.9622

School Snaps Student Pics… at home.
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1. It appears that the White House is still insistent on attempting to secure prosecutions and public humiliations for the CIA, the military, and the former administration in the issue of interrogation of terrorists. Baldwin wants to know from you, is it proper to still be pursuing those who were merely following orders at every turn? Thoughts: 800.345.9622.

2. An American high-school has secretly snapped thousands of pictures of its students through a school laptop program. Originally discovered by a parent last year and sued over, the school originally claimed that the remote tracking programs had been turned on, merely for the recovery of lost or stolen laptops. The discovery of these pictures, and newly released e-mails by school staffers calling the program a window into the local high school “soap opera” tends to dispute the school’s storyline. And the public educators expect us to just give them the benefit of the doubt… Disagree and go to the first of the line… 800.345.9622

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