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What do you think? #fb I'm interested in your feedback!…

What do you think? #fb

I'm interested in your feedback!

LIVE from New York it's Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* #fb Uh that's redundant……

LIVE from New York it's Baldwin/McCullough *LIVE* #fb

Uh that's redundant...

Oh well tonight - all things funny - including whether or not boys should play with dolls, and whether or not people should give up children for adoption out of convenience...

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*waking up… *rubbing eyes… Did sequester really happen? #fb Are we all some…

*waking up... *rubbing eyes... Did sequester really happen? #fb

Are we all somehow breathing in and out? I thought planes were gonna fall out if the sky, and babies eaten, and the world would end...

What's up fb? I understand we're getting sequestered today… Stay safe ya'll!

What's up fb? I understand we're getting sequestered today... Stay safe ya'll!…

Should boys play with dolls... #fb

I feel sorry for Caryn Rivadeneira @CarynRivadeneir ( Her anger at traditional roles of men and women I'm sure is because of some larger point she wishes to make to the watching world, but at what price?

In the scathing, and over-simplifications she asserts about those of us who still believe in old-fashioned ideas (like God made Mommies and Daddies equal in His eyes, BUT DIFFERENT for His purposes), she tends to play a bit heavy handed.

Lest I be accused of the same thing, let me say quickly, I want my sons to grow up with soft hearts, strong empathy for others, and a desire to be tenderhearted dads themselves.

But Dads must do more than feed bottles to baby dolls, and to imply that anyone who wishes to push little boys beyond this onto some other horizons is somehow sexist, prudish, or backwards isn't just bad form, it's anti-intellect.

It's also extremely dishonest.

Claiming roles for men and women that acknowledge biology, anatomy, and history is the equivalent of "babies are women's domains, that only mothers should rock and coo and play with their children" is a stretch much further than what the original author was arguing. So Caryn uses this to turn on a dime and argue modern feminism. (Men and Women are essentially the same... not equal.)

But at the risk of having her label me, allow me to do it for her...

Is it wrong to assert that women are better nurturers than men? Is it wrong to assert that women rock and coo with their children better than men?

And NONE of us arguing for DISTINCT roles of mothers and fathers are arguing that either of us can't learn secondary skill sets in areas where we aren't naturally inclined.

Look... if Caryn Rivadeneira wants to be a modern feminist, replace men in society, and usurp men by claiming feminine superiority, or unisex-gender-neutrality--leave our sons out of it... Just make the argument.

And try to let it stand on it's own... Which it won't...

Men being caring Dads isn't dependent on BOYS playing with dolls. Many of the best fathers I know--never--played with dolls.

And the truth is today's boys need more interaction with the ideas of growing up to be responsible for the protection and provision of their families.

They need ambition, they need mentoring, they need to be guided into Fatherhood... and not by modern feminists. But by MEN who embrace God's identity for a man...

Someone please explain why this has bothered me all day… #fb I talked about t…

Someone please explain why this has bothered me all day... #fb

I talked about this on today's show, but it has BUGGED me all day.

"A Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance.

The Thomas More Law Center filed the suit on behalf of Brenda Brinsdon alleging the McAllen Independent School District violated the 15-year-old girl’s constitutional rights when she was forced to recite the Mexican pledge and sing the Mexican national anthem.

Brinsdon, who is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and an American father, refused. She believed it was un-American to pledge a loyalty oath to another country.

Ironically, the school district has a policy that prohibits a school from compelling students to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance."

So not only was she punished for not saying the Mexican pledge, the school says it can't compel students to say the American pledge.

So how can the teacher even pretend to compel her to say the Mexican pledge?

On American soil?

Kevin McCullough’s Facebook Wall 2013-02-28 20:38:09

Nationwide on The Kevin McCullough Show... #fb

Donna Brazille’s healthcare went up... who knew? A U.S. citizen’s child is punished at school bc she wouldn’t say the MEXICAN pledge of allegiance? Should Evangelists seek to quarrel with atheists online? Did you know female gun ownership is up 77%? Is the White House being jerkish in how it is responding to Bob Woodward? And is Subway sandwich founder’s statement about the economy bluster or real life?

Is it just me… #fb Or are there other dads that have had the same thing happene…

Is it just me… #fb

Or are there other dads that have had the same thing happened to them?

Even when I'm legitimately trying to help I think my baby boy waits till I've just walked away from him before he poops making my lovely bride angry at me thinking I've left him in his dirty pants…

Conspiracy or real life?

Multiple outlets now reporting… Obama White House threatening Bob Woodward for…

Multiple outlets now reporting... Obama White House threatening Bob Woodward for telling truth about Sequester... #fb

It is important to point out that Woodward got Obama and company to admit to all of it on the record when he was writing his book. Of course back then Obama thought (arrogantly) that Republicans would be begging him to not go through with sequestration.

A bet Obama BADLY misjudged.

Long story short. Obama's team are a bunch of bullies, and now trying to intimidate one of the most respected reporters in the history of American journalism.

Shame, shame, shame...

A word to my KKLA peeps specifically… #fb Dear KKLA friends, First off t…

A word to my KKLA peeps specifically... #fb

Dear KKLA friends,

First off thank you for the all of the email, and facebook notes and private messages and tweets you have sent my way in the last two days.

I know that some of you are somewhat curious about what has been happening the last couple of days on 99.5 KKLA in Los Angeles.

Let me explain what I understand to be happening:

Once it was determined that KKLA would need to hire a new talk show host the management at Salem Los Angeles had to do an extensive search for the next afternoon talk host for the very important position.

Since KKLA is regularly ranked as the most listened to Christian Spoken Word station in all of America this is not a task taken lightly.

From the time of Frank Pastore's accident to today KKLA management expressed the overwhelming numbers of resumes they had received (most likely in excess of 100 applicants).

For the rest of this week and into next (from what I understand) the final three applicants (alongside myself) will be given the microphone and the chance to make their mark on Los Angeles talk radio.

Let me be very clear about this...

My love for the Pastore family drove me to do what I have done for KKLA for the past three months.

It has been my greatest joy to be with you every day. My bride and I are praying about the choice we will be forced to make if or when KKLA would see fit to offer me the position.

My company XtreMEDIA ( is located in metro NYC for a reason. New York is the media capital of the globe, and we desire to produce media that is relevant to people that live in today's universe.

I am in the process of training up my new generation of leadership so that I will be available to relocate to the Los Angeles area if we are given the opportunity to be with you on a long term basis. But if not, we are prepared to press forward in New York--changing this world--every single day by producing media that is changing the way people think.

My encouragement for you would be the following.

1. Pray for the management of 99.5 KKLA. They desire God's best for the future of KKLA and they genuinely desire to meet the need of KKLA listeners, to hear from them, and give them voice... every single day!
2. Express your thoughts to the management of KKLA as they are seeking to meet your needs, it is important for them to know how YOU think! You can email them at
3. Pray for my family and me as we walk through this season together. My entire goal in media was to "make it" in New York. The Lovely Bride's family is ALL located in SoCal and the idea of Grandpa being able to see his grandsons every week is something that weighs on my heart big time.

Having said all of the above...

Thank you! Thank you for giving me the chance to be in your life, in your car, in your home these past months. As we have mourned the passing of our friend Frank Pastore, and as we have engaged discussions each day--you have taught me as much as anything I have been able to put on the air.

I love you! I love the management of KKLA! I love the chance to chat each day. And I'm confidant that whatever God's intention for the position is, I know that you and I will be friends for a very long time!

Your thoughts are always welcomed:

Ps. 115:3


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