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“Motherf——” teacher to be fired!

A math teacher within Ribault High School is facing termination after the District finds she used profanity directed at her students- and it’s not the first time. WOKV obtained the investigation in to Joyce Quiller, who teaches with The Bridge to Success program at Ribault. The Duval County School District first began this investigation in January, after receiving complaints from students and parents about Quiller’s conduct. The investigation shows eight students in 10th and 11th grade met with the District, seven of whom accuse Quiller of using a range of profanities and having a general disregard for their work. One student said Quiller asked a student who came to school without a pencil “What is the point in coming to the mother f****** class if you do not bring materials”. Another heard Quiller tell a student to “Shut the f*** up”. When a separate student asked for make-up work, Quiller allegedly told her “I am not going to help you with s*** else”. Still another said Quiller “criticizes him and calls him a N*****. Those students also say Quiller refuses to let them turn in work, doesn’t answer questions, and tells the class who is getting an “F” in front of all the other students.  An academic audit was performed on Quiller’s class as a result of these allegations. The investigation says that found she had assigned 108 of her 140 students “F’s”, or 77.1%.  The investigation says 90.7% of Quiller’s students received a “D” or “F”. MORE AT WOKV TV

Despite tricksters… No Gayrish parade this year.

In the 1990's homosexuals wanted to march in the parade, and when organizers refused, they sued. Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance tells OneNewsNow the lawsuit reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled 9-0 parade organizers could choose who participates. That's because it's a privately operated event. The parade is sponsored by the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council. This year's parade is March 16. Camenker, Brian (MassResistance)"So this year the new mayor, Marty Walsh, who is a 1,000 percent pro-homosexual, decided that he was going to help the homosexual activists force the issue on this," Camenker recalls. There were discussions with parade organizers, who stated what they have said before: homosexuals can march, just without banners and signs proclaiming a homosexual message. "If you just want to show up and march with a normal group and don't talk about that, they didn't care," Camenker explains. According to the parade website, organizers said they were deceived by a homosexual rights group, Mass Equality, that claimed 20 members of gay rights group LGBT Veterans of Equality wanted to march in the parade. As the homosexual groups were lobbying for a compromise, parade organizers learned there are not 20 members in the veterans group and, in fact, could not confirm such a group even existed. "It became evident to us we were being misled by them and that is where negotiations ended," the Veterans Council stated in a press release. Two Catholic schools decided to keep their floats parked when it appeared homosexual groups were gaining an edge, but officials decided to stick with their policy so their floats will roll again this year. Homosexuals have their own so-called pride event in June. - See more at OneNewsNow

Adam Lanza’s dad wishes son had never been born, says ‘you can’t get any more evil’

Screenshot 2014-03-10 15.42.30

The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza said in his first interview about the massacre that what his son did couldn't "get any more evil" and he wishes his son hadn't been born.

In his most extensive comments since the shooting, Peter Lanza described his struggle to comprehend the actions of his son, who killed his mother then gunned down 20 children and six educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown in December 2012.

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Ten countries scour sea for Malaysia jet lost in ‘unprecedented mystery’

Screenshot 2014-03-10 12.55.39 (Reuters) - The disappearance of a Malaysian airliner about an hour into a flight to Beijing is an "unprecedented mystery", the civil aviation chief said on Monday, as a massive air and sea search now in its third day failed to find any trace of the plane or 239 people on board. Dozens of ships and aircraft from 10 countries scoured the seas around Malaysia and south of Vietnam as questions mounted over possible security lapses and whether a bomb or hijacking attempt could have brought down the Boeing 777-200ER which took off from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. Read full story on

Man convicted of slaying 7 awarded nearly $500K

CHICAGO (AP) - A former handyman serving life in prison for the 1993 murder of seven people at a suburban Chicago restaurant has been awarded nearly a half-million dollars in a civil lawsuit in which he alleged a jail guard punched him in the face.Victims' relatives Sunday criticized jurors' decision for James Degorski, who, with an accomplice, shot and stabbed two restaurant owners and five workers at Brown's Chicken and Pasta during a botched robbery. Their bodies were found in a walk-in cooler and freezer.

Degorski, now 41, accused a Cook County Jail guard of punching him and breaking his cheekbone and eye socket in 2002 - just after Degorski's arrest in what had been one of the most notorious, unsolved murder cases in Illinois history.

"If broken bones are worth a half-million, then how much are seven lives worth? This just doesn't feel right," said Ann Ehlenfeldt, a sister of Richard Ehlenfeldt, one of the owners who was killed.

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Shuttered South Bronx strip club could become church

General view of Platinum Pleasures in the Hunts Point section of New York.

General view of Platinum Pleasures in the Hunts Point section of New York.

A shuttered South Bronx strip club could go from stripper poles to pews if one pastor has his way.

Platinum Pleasures, the last remaining strip club in Hunts Point, has shut its doors — but in lieu of lap dances, a neighborhood pastor wants to turn the former jiggle joint into a place of worship.

Pastor Reggie Stutzman of the Real Life Church inside shuttered Hunts Point strip club Platinum Pleasures. Stutzman would like to turn the former jiggle joint into a house of worship.

“A place that wreaked havoc in many ways could become a place of redemption,” Pastor Reggie Stutzman of the Real Life Church said of the club, where a “For Sale” sign was hoisted last Friday. “We want to put something there that the community can be proud of.”

After ruling, Massachusetts bans ‘upskirt’ photos

BOSTON — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill prohibiting “upskirt” photos of women. Patrick’s office said the governor signed the measure Friday, two days after the state’s highest court ruled that a man who took cellphone photos up the skirts of female subway passengers in Boston wasn’t violating state law as it’s written. The House and Senate responded by quickly passing legislation to make it illegal to take photographs of the “sexual or other intimate parts” of women or children in public. The law, which takes effect immediately, would punish “upskirting” with a maximum penalty of two-and-a-half years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Read more on

High Court Rules That Upskirt Photos Are Legal In Massachusetts

subway woman

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It is not against the law to secretly take photographs up a woman’s skirt in Massachusetts, the state’s Supreme Judicial Court ruled Wednesday. The court dismissed charges against Michael Robertson, who was arrested by Boston transit police for taking photos and videos up multiple women’s skirts or dresses on the subway. The judges sympathized with the notion that a woman should be able to have a reasonable expectation not to have secret photos taken up her skirt when she goes out in public, but ruled that current state law does not address that. Massachusetts’ “Peeping Tom” laws, as written, only protect women from being photographed in dressing rooms or bathrooms when they are undressed. Since upskirt photos are taken of fully clothed women in public, they don’t count, according to the court. Read full story on

Conservative firebrand Ted Cruz launches political convention with crowd-pleasing demand to abolish the IRS

Sen. Ted Cruz, the conservative pit bull who will likely run for president in 2016, demanded the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service on Thursday

Ted Cruz, the rock-ribbed conservative Texas senator who figures to be a factor in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, told thousands of conservatives Thursday morning that the IRS should go the way of the dodo.

'We need to abolish the IRS,' he said, calling instead for a flat income tax rate and a user-friendly tax return that can be filed on a postcard.

That verbal gauntlet, thrown as much at a near-century of tax collection as at the Obama administration, was Cruz's biggest applause line.

'By virtue of your being here today,' he jokingly cautioned the nation's largest annual gathering of politically conservative activists, 'tomorrow each and every one of you is going to be audited by the IRS.'

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10-Year Old Suspended for Pointing Finger Like Gun

Ten-year-old fifth-grader Nathan Entingh was suspended last week for pointing his finger like a gun.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Entingh's suspension letter listed his offense as a "level 2 lookalike firearm." Entingh is a student at Devonshire Alternative Elementary School, where principal Patricia Price says she's "warned students about pretend gun play numerous times this year." School district spokesman Jeff Warner said Entingh "put his finger to the side of another student's head and pretended to shoot." He added, "The kids were told, 'If you don't stop doing this type of stuff, there will be consequences."


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