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CNBC – 11.28.12

CNBC - 11.28.12

KMC on Kudlow
CNBC - 11.28.12

Why you can believe me… On last night's Kudlow report toward the very end of…

Why you can believe me...

On last night's Kudlow report toward the very end of the segment, I made a factual error. #fb In my work in opinion journalism over the past 24 years, I count this as my third.

Many long years ago I incorrectly recalled a memory of a conversation concerning Joseph Stalin with Ed Asner. (Instead of saying Stalin was misunderstood, Asner said the reason nobody had portrayed him was because he was "one damn big mystery.)

Years later without having played the actual video game-Mass Effect--but instead discussing the game with people who had, I made an assertion that said the sellers of video games were allowing an abnormally high amount of adult oriented video games to reach the hands of minors. (The actual number turned out to be 42%.) I also asserted that the video game displayed nudity, and allowed for customizable sexual experiences. (On these points my errors were more taste than precision.)

In both instances I issued apologies for the factual errors, because I carry with me a feeling that above all else I need to tell the truth about facts!

Last night I was factually wrong again when I asserted that Boehner's party had picked up seats in this past election. With all of the late (read that: post election day) results coming in days after the election, the Democrats did pick up a total of five seats. (Again most decided after the election.) On election night at FoxNews I had several conversations about how Boehner's House had fared better than Romney's campaign, and the Senate campaigns--which was true. But it was also true that while Boehner still enjoys a robust ownership of the House of Representatives, I did state something factually in error. I apologize for the mistake.

For someone who has written tens of millions of words, hundreds of thousands op-ed columns, three best-selling books, and show prep for hundreds of thousands of blog posts and radio shows, my overall record remains strong.

But it bothers me when I get things wrong.

Though it would bother me much more if I could not bring myself to admit my errors.

I don't want to be that kind of person around my children, my bride, my listeners, my readers, or viewers who catch me on FoxNews or CNBC, or anywhere...

Admitting your ability to be wrong is tough to do, but ultimately it is the healthiest thing to do...

And I hope and trust it is ONE of the reasons you will continue to read, be informed, and be provoked by the material I put before you 24/7.

There is no shame in truth, and I hope you will understand that better the longer you know me!

Kudlow Fiscal Cliff

Memo to The Lovely Bride: Burn every item of anything we own that bears the nam…

Memo to The Lovely Bride:

Burn every item of anything we own that bears the name/brand of Kenneth Cole!

Joblessness is no joke unless you're a left wing elitist!


So after departing CNBC… The driver takes a wrong turn and we end up in THAT…

So after departing CNBC...

The driver takes a wrong turn and we end up in THAT part of New Jersey!

You know... Where the sign says "Sexy Nail 2."

Evidently an entire duo of locations where very diverse backgrounds of artisans paint only a single fingernail... But it is sexy! #fb

Who knew?


Kevin McCullough’s Facebook Wall 2012-11-28 17:06:03

Angus T Jones gets some air-cover from another born-again Christian who can speak to the issue of being persecuted for his faith--Stephen Baldwin. PLUS: Is Planned Parenthood about to take $75,000,000 from the U.S. tax-payer to push sex education that pushes a values system at odds with most parents... yup! ALSO: Fiscal Cliff looms, Obama ignores, and is CUBA figuring out finally that 100% tax rates don’t work? FINALLY: a 9 year old has her laptop confiscated... why?

Tonight at 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 4pm PST you can catch KMC as we head to the CNBC st…

Tonight at 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 4pm PST you can catch KMC as we head to the CNBC studios to sit down with Larry Kudlow to discuss the "fiscal cliff." Dan Clifton and @HuntsmanAbby will be joining us as well...

So these two media moguls weigh in on a story… So after writing about it yest…

So these two media moguls weigh in on a story...

So after writing about it yesterday, and spending the better part of two hours on-air across the nation as well as in Los Angeles talking about it, the other half of our team took to Good Morning America this morning to think through the Angus T. Jones "filth" comments about the show he's on on CBS television! #BaldwinRocks

Baldwin on GMA about Angus T. Jones

Have you struggled with employees, service personnel, customer service reps, and…

Have you struggled with employees, service personnel, customer service reps, and others who have been and acted in completely incompetent ways? Did you know incompetence will KILL your ultimate success? DROP -- whatever you're doing and listen to this radio show NOW!

Oddly 100% taxation failing… #fb The pseudo-commies that penned this articl…

Oddly 100% taxation failing... #fb

The pseudo-commies that penned this article have the most twisted description of "free" I've ever seen in print.

All through the piece you read how the new taxes that Cuba is about to implement on their people will move them toward a free market model.

They quote people saying, "we're not used to paying for anything..."

All through the first half of the piece I'm saying to myself, "How did they fund things up till now?" And then there it is - stuck right there about 3/4ths of the way through:

"Under the old system, large and small state-run companies, which accounted for more than 90 percent of economic activity, simply handed over all their revenues to the government, which then allocated resources to them."

So when the state controlled industry, businesses endured a 100% tax rate, and the nation never rose to prosperity, never saw an increase in take home pay, never really ever saw a modern way of life take hold.

Having run out of money, the government is now releasing those holding and the 100% tax rates:

"The reforms call for large state-run businesses to be moved out of the ministries and become more autonomous.

Under the new tax system they will pay a 35 percent tax on their profits, but can take advantage of a myriad of deductions ranging from amortization and travel to sales taxes, insurance and environmental protection.

Many smaller businesses will become cooperatives or be privately leased and taxed based on income."

Again the writer of the piece seems to be reacting to all of this as some sort of new oppression that will strap the Cuban people with greater burdens.

But reducing business tax rates from 100% to 35% alone, should propel the Cuban economy into its largest private economic expansion in its history...



Parting question... why is our government attempting to exactly the opposite?

Please tell me… In fact just try… I dare you to name one thing–anything–…

Please tell me...

In fact just try... I dare you to name one thing--anything--that brings more joy to this life than a baby's smile!!!

I dare you! #fb


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