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Women in combat… I say, "We are degrading our society as a whole. Male and Female distinctions (strengths) are being minimized and nullified for faux equity (sameness), when God designed neither for either."

Also… I have been taking a poll since yesterday, and I've not come up with ONE woman who thinks that she could personally see herself in the situation that war demands, and only a very minute few believe that this is even possibly a good thing in any way.

So my question is… WHO wants to see this come about and why?

My hunch, it has nothing to do with military at all, but rather how to snuff out societal norms and create *NEW* ones.

Also Diane Feinstein is invoking God into the Gun legislation argument… tapping the Dean of the National Cathedral to open her presser today.

Plus why is GLAAD so MAD at someone they say is BAD?

Should be a pulse pounding three hours!