To people of moral conscience: you MUST disobey!

"To be clear, forcing a person who has honest pro-life convictions to supply the means, money, or mechanism to have a child aborted is the equivalent of forcing a Jewish prisoner of war in World War II to place the the bodies of fellow Jews into the incinerators at Auschwitz.

There is no difference.

This striking, hardened, indifference by the President and his staff tells us a great deal about the character, temperament, and values of our newly re-elected first-servant.
Since the courts will now not overturn the Obama-care legislation, since the elected class sneers at the idea of doing away with the mandate, and since there are no other paths to legal change for this matter it becomes clear the only path left is defiance.

The government has no more right to force a person of deep religious conviction to provide the means of death to innocent children, than do they to come into one's bedroom and rape one's wife. The difference being that rape is a lesser crime than extermination."

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