No Chris Wallace you don't get it!

It's not about "LOOKING" reasonable to any demographic of voter – for the purposes of "looking" like anything. Your question betrays the very fact that so many people buy into this entire idea that politics is all about playing games so that "someone" will "look like" they're "supposed to" to the voters.


Public servants who actually put POLICIES in place that HELP the middle class. See Chris the issue is ACTUAL RESULTS, not the "optics" of something in the "eyes" of anyone.

And if you choose to lower the boom on the cross section of small business owners (the ones who create 2 out of 3 every new job that is created) you will further extend the pain of this economic recession/invisible recovery!

This ISN'T an election cycle anymore.

CAN WE PLEASE for the LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY – STOP!!!! – pandering to all of the talking points?

Do actual things that actually fix, actual problems! This is what every elected official needs to focus on — regardless of party… SO DO IT!

And if Chris Wallace gets "frustrated" because he's asking about optics, when We The People are in need of SOLUTIONS, then that's just gonna have to be a bee in his bonnet for a while…