I don't like it when pro-life candidates don't prepare themselves to be effective communicators in a hostile media world, and I don't like pastors using their platforms to reduce fairly complex theology to a mere political tool and bully pulpit talking point. #fb

I think it makes the church at large look foolish, out of touch, and legitimately out-of-context.

Maybe I'm wrong. But Pastors, if we pursued the truth of scripture and taught it clearly from our pulpits, we likely wouldn't be reduced to making flaky statements about which Presidential candidate–if elected–would assure us a quick path to discovering the identity of Nicolae Carpathia.

For my friends who are people of the Christian faith and life… Am I far off here or do these kinds of stories make your job more difficult in communicating the truth of who God is to those who are yet undecided?

Wanna know your thoughts!