Something to Binge Think on:

I don't know anything about anything that this guy has written, but these few paragraphs–to me–sum up a great deal of the problem that is ruining our nation. WARNING: Not for the faint of faith. #fb

"Far too many pastors will jump into their pulpits and give great, inspiring messages. Just watch tomorrow morning what your pastor does. It will be upbeat, positive, inspiring, and happy. But that is not the gospel. The gospel isn't upbeat, inspiring or happy-go-lucky. It is harsh, hard, confronting and not much fun to hear.

Why is that?

Because the gospel confronts us with the truth that we are sinners in need of a Savior. We need salvation that comes from outside ourselves. Yes, it is positive when we trust in Christ for salvation. But that is not what most are preaching. They are preaching a Christianized version of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. The gospel says just the opposite: you have no bootstraps, no power to pull yourself up, in fact, you are so spiritually dead you don't know that you need to be pulled up."

OUCH! How true! Oh so true…