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It appears that a major shake-up is going down at CIA Headquarters. One of the most decorated men in American military history has resigned. He did so admitting poor judgment and bad behavior. The FBI claims they stumbled across the bad behavior from a third party e-mail inquiry. How does one have one's email examined without their knowledge? (In other words the FBI was not examining his CIA account, but rather his personal GMail and Yahoo accounts.) How does one in Gen. Petraeus' position get caught in the web of adultery? And in your mind is there anything to the timing of it? 888.340.3373

ALSO there seems to be a good bit of grumplestilskins out there challenging the election results. I mean… Just because Obama carried 13 districts in Philadelphia by a higher percentage (99%) than he carried his own – nearly all black district in Chicago – that shouldn't be eye-brow raising should it? Wanna know if you believe that the voting process has ANY ethics left to it? Do you trust it? 888.340.3373