Family Safe…NOT!

I was somewhat stunned a few weeks ago when I was told by one of the broadcast professionals in the television world (a new-er world for me), that the award for Family Friendly Show of the year by some industry panel of muckity-mucks was… GLEE.

Not that I’m claiming to be some “holier than thou” who had never watched an episode…

I will admit for the better part of season one I downloaded singles, joined facebook fan pages, and wondered what it would be like to be 15 again and in the same class as Lea Michelle’s Rachel. (Ok so I’ve always had a thing for the singers… I know she has a huge mouth… but she sings.)

But here’s the thing three weeks ago when the franchise decided to dedicate and entire episode to the idea of “God” and the best they could evoke as the theme of redemption for the week was to have “Grilled Cheezus” end up motivating the male lead into Michael Stipe’s “Losing my religion” I knew I couldn’t take much more.

Then last week while my new five month old was devouring a bottle in our living room, the shot of Santana and Britney (two female cheerleaders) came on screen, making out in bed, that was the last straw.

No children, being front of a television in the 8pm hour should be exposed to that kind of pornographic stimulus. None.

And ladies, before you question whether or not it IS pornographic to have two completely clothed size 2 cheerleaders, (one of whom had a breast enlargement procedure), one on top of the other kissing passionately, on screen. Ask your husbands, regardless of what they say, watch the look on their face – it will tell you all you need to know.

The point is, this kind of show is nothing new to television. The naked breasts and butts of NYPD Blue, broke the barriers to “R” rated sexual content on television years ago.

But it is NOT appropriate for the family hour, or the hour following (8-10pm EST) in America’s prime time.

Add to the fact that GLEE had so much potential as a franchise to encourage the development of young people to communicate to the world the ideas that are important to them, yet failed to live up to it is a genuinely sad reality.

GLEE’s producers, having not fully quenched their thirst for pedophiles to lust savagely over the out-of-the-ordinarily fit co-stars of the show, gave their blessing for one more step into the abyss.

GQ had permission to photograph the two most attractive females and the male lead in psuedo-sexual-menage-est-trois suggestive photos in which the most talented singer to come along in America in a long time, gets to be reduced to how tight her glutes look in a pair of Victoria Secret’s panties.

So forget the lofty goals of the writers of GLEE–if they ever had any. It’s not an important television franchise of significance. It’s trash set to a soundtrack.

And every pedophile in America, not only–can’t get enough, but is eager for more. (More samples of the trashy GQ shoot.)