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Leftist Deranged Stupidity Unleashed on a lone Duggar

You know what drives leftists--who by definition have trouble thinking to begin with--absolutely batty?

A rational, clear-thinking, formerly home schooled young adult who spins their non-functioning craniums into jello while simultaneously destroying their "me first" worldview.

The only thing left for them to do when they can not respond with fact is to begin calling those they disagree with names, many of which I will not post here due to their vile dehumanizing nature.

Their latest victim?

Jessa Duggar.


And insulting her isn't enough, some had to insult her entire family AND the entirety of the many million families that educate their children at home.


But what was the terrible offense that caused TV Guide to go after a very successful member of it's own industry, and for Cosmopolitan to attack an exemplary young woman who influences millions of other young female consumers?



Jessa came under this seismic attack simply for drawing a few observations about history and modern culture using the actually long lost skill of deductive reasoning.

“I walked through the Holocaust Museum again today,” she wrote in post on Instagram, “very sobering. Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights–their right to life. One human destroying the life of another deemed ‘less than human.’ Racism, stemming from the evolutionary idea that man came from something less than human; that some people groups are ‘more evolved’ and others ‘less evolved.’ A denying that our Creator–GOD–made us human from the beginning, all of ONE BLOOD and ONE RACE, descendants of Adam. The belief that some human beings are ‘not fit to live.’”

Evidently the easily and rationally connected dots still enraged those who are intolerant--mostly just because they have no ability to cope with the cognitive dissonance in their own head.


And of course when they have no critique of her actual argument they try to make it an issue that it isn't...


But Jessa's logic is rock solid:

“So they’re murdered,” she wrote. “Slaughtered. Kids with Down syndrome or other disabilities. The sickly. The elderly. The sanctity of human life varies not in sickness or health, poverty or wealth, elderly or pre-born, little or lots of melanin [making you darker or lighter skinned], or any other factor. ‘If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not He that pondereth the heart consider it? and He that keepeth thy soul, doth not He know it? and shall not He render to every man according to his works?” (Proverbs 24:10-12) May we never sit idly by and allow such an atrocity to happen again. Not this generation. We must be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Because EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS. #ProLife”

The truth is that Hitler DID believe the evolutionary idea that Jews were subhuman. The truth is also our culture believes the same thing today about pre born babies who are every bit as living and fully human as you or I.

But when leftists have their assertions dismantled, everything in their false reality begins to crumble, and instead of re-examining their faulty ideas, they have been trained to rhetorically and violently strike out at those with whom they disagree.

Which proves they lost the argument...

One Radical American Hating Islamist Is Better Than The Other a Guy…


I think I'm going to be sick...

Obama in his remarks offered praise to controversial cleric Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah and referred to him as a moderate Muslim leader who can help combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL or ISIS) radical ideology.

However, Bin Bayyah himself has long been engulfed in controversy for many of his views, including the reported backing of a 2004 fatwa that advocated violent resistance against Americans fighting in Iraq.

This is not the first time that the Obama administration has extoled Bin Bayyah, who also has served as the vice president of a Muslim scholars group founded by a radical Muslim Brotherhood leader who has called “for the death of Jews and Americans,” according to Fox News and other reports.

The State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau (CT) was forced to issue multiple apologies earlier this year after the Washington Free Beacon reported on its promotion of Bin Bayyah on Twitter.

“This should not have been tweeted and has since been deleted,” the CT Bureau tweeted at the time after many expressed anger over the original endorsement of Bin Bayyah.

However, it appears that Obama and the White House are still supportive of Bin Bayyah, who, despite his past statements, is still hailed by some as a moderate alternative to ISIL and al Qaeda.


There are days I truly think, "This can't really be as bad as it usually looks..."

And then...

I wake up!

We Don’t Have A Strategy… For Respect!


You know...

There are just some things that shouldn't have to be said. Whether you're a republican or democrat, black or white, liberal or conservative, Christian, Jew, or atheist, some things should just be expected!

You shouldn't have to be publicly shamed into not being the jerk of the century if you're the President of the United States should be one of them.

And when it comes to the men and women in uniform there should be such deep and abiding reverence that you NEVER let those serving under your command feel slightly, less important, or just not worth your *cluck of the tongue* TIME!

Respect should flow from you as the Commander in Chief like water from Niagra Falls.

Because let's face it, without the bloodshed of hundreds of thousands in uniform for each of the last three centuries you wouldn't get to step off the perfectly air-conditioned Marine One helicopter, in your bespoke custom suit, and your $2000 Armani shoes.

Yes... If you're the President of the United States you are the public servant in chief and your attitude particularly towards those who cart your ungrateful glum filled mug from place to place deserve you to respect them.

And the sign of their commitment to our nation and We The People who YOU work for is that their salute to you will remain crisp, at attention, and always vigilant, ready to sacrifice their life for your sad, self-centered, shell of hubris.

When you make jokes about not being able to relate to the common struggles of humanity--particularly those that you cause--the very least you could do in exchange is be a wee bit grateful that even though you and the Mrs. seemingly can't be bothered to lock the front door to your own residence, but those committed to your safety still prevent some mad man from using his hunting knife to do you harm at an unsuspecting moment.

Mr. President some things just shouldn't have to be learned. But print this out--in case you forget.

You serve us.

And you should ALWAYS be grateful for those who serve to protect.

Because you would literally be no where without them.

And a grateful heart might do you some good!

“They’re trying to KILL You!”


Repeatedly--in recent days--The White House, The Justice Department, and The Dept of Homeland Security, have all made direct claims or very strongly implied assertions that reports of vulnerability or likelihood of an attack on U.S. soil were just overblown politically-oriented attacks against President Obama.

Yet repeatedly--in recent days--more evidence continues to mount that ISIS is already here and the fact that we have not yet been attacked is likely attributed to being very fortunate this far. (As opposed to having A STRATEGY in place to deal with ISIS!)

When the government watchdog Judicial Watch reported that ISIS sits across a river, organizing and creating an operational HQ whereby attacks against the U.S. Homeland could be originated, democratic congressional members, and The White House, discarded the idea.

When the New York Times reports that the porous southern border was allowing ISIS to prepare car bombing incidents along the southern border--The White House uses an array of qualifiers to make it appear absurd that ISIS would even dare try anything against us.

But yesterday the Feds arrest a 30 year old New York man on charges of doing work for ISIS.

And today FoxNews reveals a bombshell in which law enforcement was warned as early as July of impending ISIS attacks. Where ISIS members/defenders would look up the home addresses of our service personnel then show up unannounced and slaughter all they find.

It is time the White House joins reality!

Because to quote a line from the Baz Luhrmann classic, "Look out Christian, they've got a gun, and they're going to kill you!"

America sleepily becoming the sickest nation on earth…


Our nation is sick...

We are sick, sick, sick, people. We have become the equivalent of the cult spoken about in the Old Testament scripture when it references the god of Molech.

The sick and twisted people in that cult voluntarily sacrificed their children, burning them alive, to appease Satan (though they called him a "god" and named him Molech.)

In 2010 President Obama pledged that no tax-dollars would be used to kill pre-born children.

Turns out whatever "safe guards" were put in place, aren't worth the paper their written on.

The Government Accounting Office is reporting massive numbers of claims via insurance/exchange participants that are paying for our people--not to burn them alive on the fires of worship to Molech--but rather--to have them burned alive in acid, have them dismembered, and in some cases have their skills crushed and their brains vacuumed out.

In its report, the GAO found that 23 states restrict how insurance plans offered in the ObamaCare exchanges may include abortion as a benefit, and 28 do not. The GAO then surveyed 18 insurance providers within the 28 states that do not restrict abortion coverage to determine how the coverage is being handled.

According to the GAO, 17 of the 18 providers surveyed said they were not billing policyholders separately for the abortion coverage.

“(The insurance providers) did not itemize the premium amount associated with non-excepted abortion services coverage on enrollees’ bills nor indicate that they send a separate bill for that premium amount,” the report said.

The remaining insurance provider told the GAO that their policyholders receive a separate charge on their bills “for coverage of services for which member subsidies may not be used.”

In response to the report, the Department of Health and Human Services said states and state insurance commissioners are primarily tasked with insuring provisions such as these are enforced, but that the agency will “address issues of concern in the appropriate matter.”

The agency said “CMS acknowledges additional clarification may be needed” on how abortion services may be covered under Obama Care health care plans.

Need more clarification?

No kiddin'!

Our sick society that disposes of children like recyclable waste has been groomed not to care about what happens--now even with tax dollars.

The question remains, will God judge us as harshly as the worshipers of Molech. Especially given that we've killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000s to 1 from the Old Testament.


OBAMA: Doing Immigration Is Bad For The Economy… or something!

IMG_8744.JPG On Meet The Press now being hosted by Chuck Todd on NBC, the President says:
“The truth of the matter is that the politics did shift midsummer because of that problem,” Obama said in the interview, which will air on Sunday’s Meet the Press on NBC. “I want to spend some time, even as we're getting all our ducks in a row for the executive action, I also want to make sure that the public understands why we're doing this, why it's the right thing for the American people, why it's the right thing for the American economy.”
This is a President who is either so oblivious to the essence of how he comes off to the American people, or--and it's a significant "or"--he just doesn't care at this point. And all you have to do to understand truly how much he doesn't is to add up all the things he chooses to take actions on vs. the things he's just fine with letting slide. ISIS is a "manageable problem" but immigration is such a big issue that it is more important to give amnesty than to secure the border--particularly when ISIS has set up a base of operation in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Just across the border from El Paso! And all while letting Libyans into our flight schools, after telling our special ops in Benghazi to "stand down!"

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